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Check out this great video.  There is quote being celebrated that says “Let’s make America great again”. I don’t think America can be great without God, without building Godly families, and without healing and restoration. Pick up a copy of the book today “BUILDING GODLY FAMILIES WILL BRING HEALING AND RESTORATION IN OUR NATION” by Dr. Leonard Hobbs 

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Check out this great video designed to replace your credit cards so that you can live a debt free life.

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Dr. Leonard Hobbs is a published Author and Associate Pastor for Elim Ministries of Orlando, Florida under the leadership of Dr. Winfred Verreen. While serving at Elim Ministries, Dr. Hobbs has enjoyed using his God-given gifts and talents in the ministry to preach the uncompromised Word of God, wherever the Lord leads him.


Dr. Hobbs has taught Adult and High School Bible Studies, conducted workshops on Financial Stewardship, led Men’s Ministries and Prayer Groups, and facilitated Men’s Roundtable discussions. Dr. Hobbs serves as a member of the Elim Board of Director’s and the Financial Administrator while actively participating in Evangelism at the Orlando Rescue Mission, Nursing Home and Missionary Ministries. In addition, he serves as one of the leaders for the Team Orlando Prayer (TOP) Breakfast and as an instructor at Faith Christian University (FCU) under the leadership of Dr. Faith Fredrick.

Do you want to see this nation become GREAT?

Do you want to see this nation become GREAT?

Want America to be GREAT? Read the book. Start by Building Godly Families and establishing a Christian foundation that brings healing, restoration, and financial freedom.

Everyone has an opinion about what’s wrong with our nation, but very few are willing to speak out or do something. I challenge you! “Stop making excuses for what you have not done, quit justifying that you have done, and do what you need to do.” When you do this, you will no longer be trying to make a difference, you will be different, and in position to make a difference.

Dr. Hobbs is a Certified John Maxwell Teacher, Speaker, and Personal Coach

Certified John Maxwell Teacher, Speaker, and Personal Coach

Dr. Hobbs has a Doctoral and Master’s degree in Bible and Theology from FCU, as well as a Bachelor’s of Science Degree from Rollins College in Business Administration and Economics. Dr. Hobbs is also a Certified John Maxwell Teacher, Speaker, and Personal Coach. Dr. Hobbs is a Lifework Leadership of Orlando graduate and was the 2014 recipient of the Leaders Portfolio Award as the National Rising Business Leader of the Year.


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